Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy















Volume 16, Number 1, June 2021

Effects of Inclusion of China A-shares into the MSCI indexes on Prices and Volumes

Yu-Chen Cheng, Hsiao-Chen Chang, Yi-Hsien Wang, Fu-Ju Yang



Analyzing the Effect of Perceived Value on Repurchase Intentions of Spa Consumers

Li-Ling Liu, Hsiu Yun Chang

Determinants of the Qualified Audit Opinion in Cameroon: The Role of the Company's Financial Situation and the Quality of the External Audit




Foka Tagne Alain Gilles, Hikouatcha Prince, Ngantcha Tonda Joëlle, Djoutsa Wamba Léopold

Stock Indices Forecast by Hybrid Model from GARCH Families: Evidence from Global Markets

Kuo-Hsuan Chin, Nhan Nguyen-Thanh, Cong-Duc Tran






The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Small and Medium Enterprises in Jordan

Wesam Abu-Mater, Malik Abu Afifa, Mohammad M. A. Alghazzawi






Further Evidence of Herding Behavior in Cryptocurrency Markets During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yen-Hsien Lee, Chua Hay, Hung-Chun Liu, John Francis Diaz






Innovating Your Business Model for Social Enterprises: Insights from a Case Study in Taiwan

Hsueh-Ling Wu