Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy














Volume 15, Number 2, December 2020

The Effect of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the Jordanian Economy: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy and How to Return Growth Rapidly

Wesam Abu-Mater, Fares Alsufy, Malik Abu Afifa



Spa Consumer Income and Repurchase Intention

Li-Ling Liu

Explanatory Factors for the Manipulation of Accounting Records in Cameroon: The Role of the Financial Situation and the Characteristics of the Enterprise

Foka Tagne Alain Gilles, Ateumo Edith Grace, Bidias Menik Hans Patrick, Kenmogne Tamwa Arlette, Djoutsa Wamba Léopold




The Effect of ERP Implementing Mode and Enterprise Strategy on ERP Performance: A Study of Leading Style as an Intermediary Variable

Li-Lun Liu, Fei-Hsiung Fan






Impact of Audit Committee Quality of a Listed or Over-The-Counter Company on its Intention to Have its Corporate Social Responsibility Reports Assured

Po-Hua Chen, Hsing-Chin Hsiao






The Signal Transmitted through a Convertible Bond’s Capital Inflation Rate and Conversion Rate: Evidence from Taiwan

Chia-Hsien Tang, Fang-Yi Liao, Yen-Hsien Lee