Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy













Volume 12, Number 1, June 2017

Does Looking Delicious Mean Really Delicious? The Effects regarding Menu Design on Consumer’s ordering Behavior

Yueh-Hua Lee, Chin-Mei Wang, Wen-Hwa Lee



The Impact of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect on Positive feedback trading effect in the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock markets

Yen-Hsien Lee,  Chi- Nan Ou, Qi-Ya Wu

Minimum Variance Hedge Performance of the Realized-Volatility-Based GARCH Model with Alternative Conditional Correlation Settings

Hung-Chun Liu, Jui-Cheng Hung




Don’t Fear the Reaper: Green Customer Satisfaction Factors for Senior Meal Delivery Services

Wei-Ya Ni, Kuang-Heng Shih, Shau-Yen Huang, Li-Tsu You






The Correlation between Corporate Re-elections and Abnormal Stock Returns under the System of Electronic Voting

Kuen-Chang Lee, Chih-Hao Yang