Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy




Volume 16, Number 2, December 2021

Stock Market behaviors among U.S., China and Taiwan


This paper analyzes the marketization of trading behaviors from the view of stock indexes. While the samples include the stock markets of U.S., China and Taiwan, the comparisons are difficult to measure when the stock indices inflect the specific national and investing environments. Using Z-score transformation procedures, the comparisons with the aim of investigating the population distribution show that the U.S. and China stock markets have the same marketization of the investing risk when they are from the double exponential distribution with the same variance. Evidence from the Taiwan stock market suggests that the effects of government inventions still exist and distort the marketization even though the Taiwan stock index has transformed as Z-score values.

Keywords: Z Score Transformation, Population Distribution, Stock Market Behavior, Marketization, Performance Comparison

JEL Classification: G17, C53, C58, G15