Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 16, Number 2, December 2021

A Study of Consumption Decision Characteristics and Influencing factors in Chinese Wedding Banquet


In addition to differences in perception and expectation, factors that can affect the Consumption Decision Characteristics for a Chinese wedding banquet include the difference in power between parents and newlyweds, pressure to pass on family heritage, spiritual support and decision-making power represented by the large expenditure involved. This study uses grounded theory as a basis and a qualitative perspective to interview 24 parents and newlyweds in focus groups. After the collected data was analyzed and the results were confirmed by the interviewees, the following was Conclusion : (1) the most common problem that arose when the decision was being made to purchase a Chinese wedding banquet was conflict between the two parties. Resolution of this conflict requires proper communication and an understanding of the other’s needs by both parties; (2) the roots of such conflict are diverging ideas about the wedding banquet between the couple and their parents; (3) parents should not use financial support as a bargaining chip. The wedding can be made more comprehensive if the needs of both parties are made known well in advance.

Keywords: Chinese Wedding Banquet, Consumption Decision Characteristics, Consumption Influencing Factors, Grounded Theory

JEL Classification: G14, G23