Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 15, Number 2, December 2020

The Effect of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the Jordanian Economy: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy and How to Return Growth Rapidly


The report is actually written to examine the possible effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) issues on the economic climate contained in Jordan. The results advise that there’s an economic impact across the nation, in addition to almost all businesses across the nation are extremely affected. Moreover, it's realized that the constant lockdown is actually a threat to the overall performance of companies. It is expected that the outbreak of COVID-19 is actually going to have a quick influence on the global economy. To be in a position to assess the possible consequence of the coronavirus outbreak on the economic climate of Jordan, it is vital not simply to focus on the economic downturn but also on the causes that matter to decision makers in government institutions, and administrators in Jordan respond to it. COVID-19 will most instantly shape standard approaches of doing business. Based on this, the article seeks to explore the end result of coronavirus on the economic climate of Jordan as well as the very best method to get the economy back to produce instantly.

Keywords: Coronavirus, Covid-19, Economy of Jordan, Comprehensive Analysis.

JEL Classification: A10, A13, A19, B55, G01