Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 15, Number 1, June 2020

The Impact of Risk Factors and Attitudes on Use Mobile Payment Intention


Due to the rapid transition to a cashless society in Asia, credit card consumption now falls behind electronic payments. Many users have turned to other mobile alternatives as they are unwilling or unable to afford the huge expenses incurred by using credit cards. In addition, as compared with traditional transactions using physical currency, mobile payment is faster and more convenient. As mobile payment requires network connectivity, consumers must consider the security of transaction information when using a mobile payment system. In view of the above, this study discusses consumer intention to use mobile payment regarding the “overall risk exposure consumers are subject to when using mobile payment” and “consumer attitude towards using mobile payment”, respectively. Under the two major perspectives of overall risk exposure and attitude, this study analyzes how these factors influence consumer usage intention by questionnaire survey and Structural Equation Modeling (SME). Overall, consumer intention to use mobile payment can be increased if the privacy risk, economic risk, social risk, and security risk, which constitute the overall risk exposure, can be effectively mitigated; consumer intention to use mobile payment can be increased if consumer’s perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and the degree of trust with mobile payment can be improved

Keywords: Mobile Payment, Risk, Attitude, Behavioral Intention.

JEL Classification: E4, G41