Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 14, Number 2, December 2019

Factor Analysis on Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Behavior Intention Regarding Bank Apps


Currently, the provision of financial services to customers by leveraging financial technology has become the general trend in the financial industry. Due to the low cost of service and fast information transmission, banks can actively promote online banking activities from the perspective of cost. During the development process of financial technology, bank apps have received considerable attention. Accordingly, how to improve and maintain loyalty when the relationship between bank and customer turns into a kind of virtual relationship has become a major topic. In this study, correlations among bank service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, behavior intention, and other factors were analyzed through a questionnaire survey and Structural Equation Modeling (SME), in an effort to identify the influence factors for satisfaction, loyalty, and behavior intention regarding bank apps. The research results showed a positive correlation between app content and service quality, a positive correlation among perceived value, service quality, corporate image, and customer satisfaction, and a positive correlation among customer satisfaction, loyalty, and intention to use. Such results could provide a reference for the development and promotion of bank apps.

Keywords: Service Quality, Behavior Intention, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Bank App.

JEL Classification: G21, G41