Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 14, Number 2, December 2019

Construction of the Ecological Conservation Platform Model for Penghu Marine Organism: Discussion from the Ecological Viewpoint of Sea Turtle Ecotourism


Located between the tropics and the subtropics, the Penghu Islands belong to the central Taiwan Strait and maintain clean and pollution-free waters. Aimed at degree of ecological conservationists’ willingness to use the ecological conservation platform of Penghu marine life, turtles, this study explores value-added ecological conservation model construction on interaction of network design and ecological conservationists, user acceptance degree, ecological conservationists’ strategies and its application to discovery in development of new ecological conservationists. Through questionnaire survey, it analyzes ecological conservation platform model, and then explores the needs of network ecological conservationists, which will be discussed from the perspective of ecotourism. Using structural equation model and combining information success model with expectation confirmation theory, this study attempts to construct research model. The value-added model on interaction of ecological conservationists was successfully constructed. After literature discussion and data analysis, the following three conclusions were obtained: First, successful construction of the design pattern of Penghu marine organism ecological conservation website; Second, how the website design meets the needs of ecological conservationists. Third, website design and application to the development of new ecological conservationists.

Keywords: Ecological Conservation, Ecotourism, Marine Life, Information Success Model, Expectation Confirmation Theory

JEL Classification: Q50, Q57