Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 13, Number 1, June 2018

Assessing the Relationship among Online Word-of-Mouth, Product Knowledge, and Purchase Intention in Chain Restaurant


Contemporary restaurant customers have mobile devices, frequently comment, and usually upload pictures of food to Facebook or other online social networks. Online W.O.M. (Word-of-Mouth) and product knowledge plays very important roles and may affect purchase intentions. The present study conducted a questionnaire survey on an Italian chain restaurant in Taipei and obtained 501 valid questionnaires. The results of this study showed that the relationship between Online W.O.M.(Word-of-Mouth) and product knowledge was significantly and positively related to the purchase intention.

Keywords: Online W.O.M.(Word-of-Mouth), Product Knowledge, Purchase Intention, Restaurant, Food

JEL Classification: D24, E21, L83