Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy






Volume 13, Number 1, June 2018

The Different-Culture Management in Mergers and Acquisitions Affecting to the Fit of Personal-Organizational Values and Business Performance


In a changing economic environment, the employees’ loyalty to and the unified value about the company stand as the key points for the company to be perpetually under operation. Therefore, an enterprise must reinforce the fit between the employees’ individual values and the enterprise ideal of managements so as to prevent the good workers from leaving and make them happily work for the company. Such fit, therefore, contributes greatly to the enterprise’s vantage in the industrial competitions.
This research is to analyze the fit between the values of the individual employees and the company. A different company with different values may affect such fit, as a great contribution to business performance. Therefore, the influence of different culture on the personal-organizational values of the emerged company will also be the focus of this thesis, which will further discuss the strategies of managing the personnel and the system of company that has been infused with the different cultures. The statistical software SPSS18.0 is used to analyze the 283 effective questionnaires. The result of this analysis is that the higher the fit of personal-organizational values is, the more effective the company is. The system of the different-culture management results in the turbulence in the enterprise effectiveness. In addition, this research consists of the finding that, because the company that takes control of the emerging would send the personnel to supervise the merged company, the systems of management, welfare, and manpower are mainly of the merging company.

Keywords: Mergers and acquisitions, Fit, Different cultures management, Business Pperformance, Personal-organizational values

JEL Classification: P17, G34