Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 12, Number 2, December 2017

Silicon Storefronts: Exploring the Evolution of M-Commerce’s Effect on Service Industries


Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce makes reference to the ability to conduct wireless network commerce transactions using mobile applications on mobile devices. M-Commerce promises to change the way consumers interact with brands and products. The majority of consumers in South Korea have had experience with mobile commerce for purchasing products and services. They usually spend as much time on each mobile transaction as they do buying products or services in online stores. Mobile Commerce market in South Korea has had more than doubled in values compared to other countries since 2010.Currently, it represents approximately one-third of web-based transactions. Using smartphones to purchase products and services already has become a part of life. This study has used data collected from 300 valid questionnaires in South Korea. This study’s focus is on the potential impact and factors that can sustain the growth of mobile commerce market in South Korea. It also attempts to summarize the key points and basic concepts of M-Commerce.

Keywords: M-Commerce, South Korea, M-Commerce Sustained Growth Factors, Potential Benefit

JEL Classification: O32, R1