Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 11, Number 2, December 2016

Reexamination the Relationship between Workplace Friendship and Hairdressing Employee Behavior


The framework of the study uses workplace friendship as IV, work/family interference as INV, and burnout as DV. The convenience samples of this paper are for hairdressing employees. A total of 500 questionnaires were issued. After viewing the responding questionnaire screened the incomplete or consistent. There’re 100 questionnaires were invalid data. The effect samples are 400. In this study uses SPSS V20.0 and hierarchical regression to examine the hypothesis of this study. And the result supported the hypotheses: workplace friendship affects work/family interference positively. And work/family interference affects burnout positively.

Keywords: Workplace Friendship, Work/Family Interference, Burnout

JEL Classification: G39