Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy










Volume 10, Number 2, December 2015

A Web-based Architecture of e-Procurement System Research for School Administration Information System-A Study of M University


Nowadays, the Private Universities and Colleges upgrade and change status one after another, in order to increase their administrative efficiency and take the improvement of the competitiveness as their key imperatives. At present, those systems of domestic Private Universities and Colleges for dealing with various administrative businesses all have been computerized, except for the procurement system whose computerization only reached 57.94%. Most schools still have done business in manual way, and it will become an important project that how to improve the administrative efficiency of the universities by making good use of the computerization of the school administrative businesses and merging the e- procurement.

The purpose of this study is taking the Minghsin University of Science and Technology as an example. we hope computer online can be adopted in those procedures belonging to the process of pushing the e-procurement system like the marshaling of the budget, the filling of the buying requisition and the evaluation of the procurement list. And take the measurements above to substitute the traditional mode with paper working which is not only time-consuming and efforts-consuming but also of low efficiency. The e-procurement system is imperative with the operating environment of internet.

With the help of the on-line e-procurement system, the process of procurement demands of each department can be finished in the way of filling in & checking the buying requisition on line, and it will also results in the updating of the procurement messages, the improvement of the work quality and the shortening of the deposing time of the procurement process. While the detailed beneficial scheme put forward later will achieve the lessening of the complicated operating process as well as the reducing of the cost of human resource. Then all this will contribute to the improvement of the internal controlling situation of the Universities and Colleges as well as the avoiding of the wasting and overusing of the budget. Lastly, the most effective application of the expenditures will be achieved.

Keywords: School Administration Information System, E-Procurement, Web-based Architecture

JEL Classification: L94, L96