Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 10, Number 2, December 2015

A Correlation Analysis of Mobile Banking Use Intentions


In addition to providing account class inquiries and transaction capabilities, today’s mobile banking also provides non-accounting transaction functions, including query of funds, exchange rates, interest rates and other market quotations. When developing mobile services platforms, the mobile banking industry should be committed to understanding the services users’ needs, and to meeting the expectations of users of the services. In using a questionnaire to collect the data, this study applied TAM and service quality to explore user attitude and intention in regard to engaging in mobile banking. Research results suggest that “Perceived Usefulness”, “Perceived Ease of Use” and “service quality” have positive impacts on user attitude and use intention related to mobile services. Based on the results, this study proposed relevant suggestions to provide a reference to the mobile banking industry regarding the development of relevant strategies, and thus enhancing mobile banking acceptance and intention of continued use.

Keywords: Mobile Banking; Technology Acceptance Model, Structural Equation Modeling

JEL Classification: M19, L19