Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy





Volume 12, Number 1, June 2017

Does Looking Delicious Mean Really Delicious? The Effects regarding Menu Design on Consumer’s ordering Behavior


As Taiwanese people’s demand for eating out increases, menu design quality has become essential to restaurants’ success. This study intended to discuss the factors of menu design quality in aesthetic design and calorie labeling and discover how they influence on consumers’ impulsive ordering behavior. We employed the interviewees that had been to western-style restaurants within one year, and obtained 352 valid questionnaires. The study results show that menus with an aesthetic design cause consumers to engage in impulse buying intents as well as impulse buying behavior, resulting in the purchase of various side orders. This phenomenon shows that aesthetics is indeed a key factor that influences consumers’ impulse buying. In contrast, calorie labeling causes consumers to regain their rationality, leaving only impulse buying tendencies, with no matching behavior. If a customer finds a menu attractive and chooses side orders using caloric information contained therein, impulse buying behavior is reduced. Comprehensive management implications for western-style restaurants are discussed.

Keywords: Menu Design Quality, Aesthetics, Calorie Labeling, Impulse Buying

JEL Classification: Q56, G34